State-of-Art Reservation Calendar

Manage all your booking tasks with the best reservation calendar available on the market. Printer-friendly layout, customizable colour coding and easy information display which provides access to all necessary reservation details. At least, no more endless scrolling - just resize calendar to see as many days or rooms as you need. All important hotel management tasks can be accessed quickly from the calendar screen of KWHotel software. What is more, you can create your own fields in reservations, fill them with data and include in the printable report.

Easy to Install and Learn

It takes just couple of minutes to install and configure KWHotel. If necessary, installation and setup instructions can be easily found on our website. Most importantly, no forms are required before you Download Free Hotel Software and only a simple registration form is required after 30 days of use.

Thanks to intuitive interface developed with our customers, your receptionists will learn our Hotel Management System instantly. Should you be lost anytime during your work with KWHotel, our support team will be there to guide you through – for free.
Free Hotel Software and Support

KWHotel Free is the only hotel software available on the internet that offers completely free, unlimited functionality with automatic updates and professional technical support via Skype, phone, e-mail and TeamViewer. Core modules of our application will remain free and will be developed to suit needs of small accommodation facilites.

Need more proof? Visit hotel software features page or if you are already convinced, join hundreds of satisfied hotel owners and managers worldwide and download Free KW Hotel  management software today!
Advanced Invoicing Options

Finally, free hotel management system with an excellent invoicing module. KWHotel gives you the opportunity to keep records of all your bills. Documents are printable and KWHotel assists you in raising tax invoices, pro forma invoices, credit invoices or receipts connected to reservations. You can also create and print your own reports by selecting any type of data you want to be included in it.

You will be surprised how quick and effortless invoicing is. Just start typing item name and KWHotel Software will complete all required fields automatically. Change gross or net value and the rest will be calculated. A variety of options allows you to configure visuals and content of your bills. For example, you can put and change your logo on the invoices anytime or change unique numeration of your documents.

Online Integration

Thanks to cooperation with YieldPlanet, WuBook, BBliverate and Profitroom, KWHotel allows you to synchronize with dozens of online booking portals and travel agencies around the world.

Exemplary websites working with KWHotel are "", "", "Expedia", "Netmedia", "", "Lastminute", "PTQV", "Hotel Advisor" and many more.